ASTRA Platform

IoT platform supporting pervasive awareness



Awareness systems are computer mediated communication systems that help individuals or groups build and maintain a peripheral awareness of each other. A way of interpreting and predicting the level of success of such systems in providing value to their users seems to be currently missing..


ASTRA platform aims to produce a theoretical account of the benefits the awareness systems can provide, (interpreting, predicting and helping attain the acceptance of awareness systems for informal social communication). ASTRA platform supports, facilitates and analyzes the process of innovation driven by end-user communities acting as designers of their own awareness services.


This model provides an appropriate set of concepts for describing the operation of a broad class of awareness systems in terms of the content of the information exchanged and elementary user behaviors pertaining to sharing information about themselves or perceiving information about others. It also provides the semantics used in the ASTRA SOA, Ontology, and Tools. The basis for the model will be the ‘Focus and Nimbus’ (developed initially by T. Rodden), which provides a descriptive taxonomy of how observers and observed person share awareness information.

Importance / Benefits:

It derives from virtual collaborative environments but can be applied to various types of computer-mediated communication. Its advantage is that a small set of primitives helps describe succinctly a range of situations for sharing information.

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