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    Title Awareness Services and Systems- Towards theory and ReAlization

    Acronym ASTRA

    Framework FET Open

    Project Number 29266

    Start – End Date 01/06/2006 – 31/10/2009

    Duration 41 months

    Instrument / Type FET

    Funding Agency European Union’s Information Society Technologies programme (IST-FET)

    Total Project Funding1.900.000,00 €

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    Status Completed


ASTRA examines mediated interpersonal awareness, addressing the need to stay in touch with family and friends or the need to be reassured regarding their well-being. Important aspects of communication are examined, such as connectedness or plausible denial of presence, with the ultimate aim to define a framework for supporting the design of Pervasive Awareness systems intended to support social relationships. The framework consists of:

  • A theory to guide the design and the evaluation of pervasive awareness systems for supporting social communication
  • Supporting technology (service oriented architecture, tools and applications that support communities to appropriate Pervasive Awareness applications)

Project Outcomes

  • To develop an integrated “theory of connectedness and awareness”
  • To develop a descriptive model and a design theory/framework for awareness mechanisms
  • To design an integrated service oriented architecture and implement a platform for supporting end-user development of awareness systems
  • To design and develop a set of tools that will support the composition of awareness applications by end-users
  • To develop proof-of-concept awareness applications by end-user communities using the experimental ASTRA technology


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Prof. Dr. Achilles Kameas


Tel.: +30 261 0 960491 /- 960300
Fax: +302610960490

N. Kazantzaki Str., 26504 Rion, University Campus of Patras, Greece


Awareness applications
end-user communities
service oriented architecture
pervasive computing