Press Release of DigiPath project.

logo-digipathThe DAISSy research group of the Hellenic Open University participates in the activities of the new project entitled “DigiPath – Digital Education Readiness for VET Teachers through Tool Assisted Learning Pathways”, which is co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme 2021-2027.

The DigiPath project (with a duration of 26 months) aims to build VET teachers’ Digital Education Readiness (DER), by developing an Open Education Resource (OER) in the form of a blended learning course, incorporating Learning Paths for learners with varied levels of digital readiness and skills. In a structured approach, the project team will develop modular Adaptive Curricula that will equip VET teachers with digital competencies and skills as well as familiarize them with innovative digital educational tools and approaches. The Adaptive Curricula aims to build the DER of VET teachers by improving their attitudes towards digital teaching environments and promoting their willingness to engage with digital technologies.

On February 1th, 2022, the kick-off meeting of the DigiPath project was delivered online, hosted by AFBB from Germany, Coordinator of the project.

The first project meeting was dedicated to an overview on the DigiPath project, the proposal submitted and previous agreements among partners. The first project meeting was dedicated to an overview on the DigiPath project, the proposal submitted and previous agreements among partners. The project meeting was dedicated to networking, project management, administrative, financial aspects, quality assurance, and reporting obligations of all partners. It was a great help for the partners in order to properly understand the deliverables of the project, such as the Needs Analysis and Mapping of Relevant Content Areas, Adaptive Curricula – Development of Learning Paths for VET teachers, Implementation of Adaptive Curricula into Platform – Technical Realization and Creation of Digital Content / Learning Materials, Trialing the Adaptive Curricula – Pilots of the Blended Learning Paths and Development of Transfer Concept – The Guidelines.

DigiPath will demonstrate lightweight educational offers that can be seamlessly integrated into the daily routine of VET teachers, taking into account their specific work setting. DigiPath recognises the multiplicities of different sectors and regional or national contexts, consequently, the transferability and applicability to various contexts is a major objective of the project. To ensure all projects outputs can be (re)used in multiple contexts, an effective transfer concept (in the form of detailed guidelines) will also be developed and shared widely.

For more information about the project and the other activities of DAISSy research group:

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