Press release of STEAMedu project study visits coordinated by the DAISSy research team of HOU

The two STEAMedu study visits were successfully completed, which were conducted online in coordination with the DAISSy research team of HOU. The STEAMedu project aims to provide practical solutions to help close the gap between industry needs/expectations and educational system outputs, by creating a STE(A)M education master programme. The later will train in-service and future educators at all levels of education to implement STEAM-related courses in 13 universities of 3 Western Balkan countries (Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina). It will develop innovative learning material and services offering educators a multidisciplinary perspective and participating universities the chance to exchange best practices, modernize, renew and align their curricula towards multidisciplinary skills and competencies necessary for rapidly changing job markets.

The role of the two online study visits, with a duration of 3 days each, was twofold. First, they aimed at transferring knowledge and expertise from EU partners to Western Balkan partners on STEAM education and curriculum development. Second, they gave the consortium the opportunity to work together to co-create the STEAM curriculum courses and decide upon fundamental issues of the curriculum the STEAMedu project will develop, such as duration, ECTS, structure and student profiles.

The first online study visit was organized by the DAISSy research team with the participation of a total of 63 participants, 47 of whom were university professors from the Western Balkans. On the first day of the visit, the operation model of HOU, the relevant research activities of the DAISSy team, as well as basic information about STEAM education and the way it has been integrated in the Greek education system so far were presented. On the second day, similar postgraduate programs offered in Greece and Europe were analyzed, which in combination with the results of relevant research programs in which the DAISSy research team participates, formed the basis for the proposed structure of the MSc in STEAM education. This was followed by the presentation of the voting results, which took place before the visit with the participation of all project partners and concerned the proposed structure of the MSc. Finally, on the 3rd day, the participants in the visit were divided into 4 working groups and collaboratively formed the outlines of 22 MSc courses.

The second online study visit was organized by the University of Cyprus with the participation of a total of 57 people, 43 of whom were university professors from the Western Balkans. The first two days were dedicated to the presentation of results from research programs in the field of STEAM education, while on the 3rd day of the visit the collaborative development of STEAM MSc course outlines continued with emphasis on the fields of training material, equipment and required resources.

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