The DAISSy research team successfully participated in the exchange seminar in Brussels

The exchange seminar of the Innovation Station project, co-financed by the European Commission Erasmus +, took place on 5-8 November 2022 in Brussels, Belgium hosted by OBESSU, the coordinating organization of the project. The aim of the workshop was the exchange of views of teachers and students on online (and blended) teaching and learning, the exploration of various methods and practices in online education, the identification of new ways of learning for students that aim to increase their participation in the online classroom and the promotion of self-directed learning.

The exchange seminar was attended by 35 teachers and high school students from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, and Greece.

During the four-day meeting, several workshops were held, presentations were given and some of the project’s research work was promoted. In particular, good practices of distance education, and structural problems encountered by the participants such as problems with internet access, limited connection to online courses, etc. were presented. Reference was also made to the problems of students such as lack of technological infrastructure, unequal digital skills, lack of technical support, etc. Regarding the problems of teachers, these were related to the lack of digital skills, time management, lack of motivation, bureaucracy, lack of uniform ICT tools, etc. In addition, reference was made to the socio-emotional experience of both students and teachers as well as the pedagogical challenges encountered.

The innovation of this workshop was the equal participation of teachers and students in the exchange of views and ideas on distance teaching and learning during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Both teachers and students had the opportunity to share their experiences and make recommendations for good practices, methods, and tools that will shape future sustainable education.

Six short interviews were conducted with 3 students and 3 teachers from EU countries who attended the event. They expressed their satisfaction with the knowledge they gained and their willingness to participate in future educational activities.

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