AmI 2015 - European Conference on Ambient Intelligence

11-13 November 2015 - Athens, Greece







Best Paper Award

Best paper award was presented to Hristijan Gjoreski, Rok Piltaver and Matjaz Gams for the paper Person Identification by Analyzing Door Accelerations in Time and Frequency Domain

AmI-15 Conference program

Wednesday, 11 November 2015
Location: Hellenic Open University, 23 Syngrou avenue. Room A3, 1st floor


Workshop: Affective Interaction with Avatars

17:30Closing of Workshop

Thursday, 12 November 2015
Location: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens Trilogy historical university building, 30 Panepistimiou St. Drakopoulos amphitheater



Plenary Session 12A - Opening by the Chairs and Keynote Lecture
Boris de Ruyter, Achilles Kameas, Irene Mavrommati

9:15Keynote - "Ubiquitous Connectivity for Ambient Intelligence"
Michail Bletsas, Research Scientist & Director of Computing, MIT Media Lab, USA

10:00Coffee break


Session 12B -Ambient Intelligence for Internet of Things

10:15Investigating the Usefulness of the App Store Metaphor to Support Maker Communities in Sharing IoT Applications
Simon Stastny, Babak A. Farshchian and Thomas Vilarinho
10:45Lighten Up! An Ambient Light Progress Bar Using Individually Controllable LEDs
Heiko Mueller, Anastasia Kazakova, Wilko Heuten and Susanne Boll
11:15Web based monitoring and irrigation system with energy autonomous wireless sensor network for Precision Agriculture
Georgios Mitralexis and Christos Goumopoulos
11:30Knowledge vs. Support - Approaching a Benchmark for Privacy in AmI
Jasper van de Ven and Frank Dylla


Plenary Session 12C - Poster Session (room: Poster area)

Improving daily life for People with Dementia – an observation study
Ebert Stefanie
Guiding Lights – Facilitation of Way-finding for People with Dementia via Spatial Light Cues
Bopp Valeria
Using Statistico-Relational Model for Activity Recognition in Smart Home
Alexis Brenon
A Low Cost Architecture for Home Energy Consumption Awareness
Paolo Buono
CAmIE: An Agent-Based Model for the Collective Development of AmI Environments
Marius-Tudor Benea
A Scenario Editor and Authoring Tool for a Low Fidelity Cultural Competence Serious Game
Zain Khan and Bill Kapralos
Design and Implementation of a Platform for Smart Connected School Buildings
Dimitrios Amaxilatis, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Georgios Mylonas
Observe or Participate: The Effect of Point-Of-View on Presence and Enjoyment in 360 Degree Movies for Head Mounted Displays
Anneliene A.L.F.M. van den Boom, Snežana Stupar-Rutenfrans, Oscar S. P. Bastiaens, Marnix S. van Gisbergen



Plenary Session 12D - Keynote Lecture

13:30Keynote - "An Ecological View of Smart Home Technologies"
James L. Crowley, Professor, Grenoble Institut Polytechnique, INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes Research Center, France


Session 12E - Smart Enviroments

14:15Augmented Home Inventories
Konstantinos Grivas and Stelios Zerefos
14:45Person Identification by Analyzing Door Accelerations in Time and Frequency Domain
Hristijan Gjoreski, Rok Piltaver and Matjaz Gams
15:15Continuous Gait Velocity Analysis using Ambient Sensors in a Smart Home
Ahmed Nait Aicha, Gwenn Englebienne and Ben Krose
15:45The SOCIAL Project -- Approaching Spontaneous Communication in Distributed Work Groups
Jasper van de Ven, Dimitra Anastasiou, Frank Dylla, Susanne Boll and Christian Freksa

16:15Coffee break


Session 12F - Ambient Intelligent for Well-being

16:30Data-analytics based Coaching towards Behavior Change for Dental Hygiene
Boris De Ruyter
17:00ExerSeat - Sensor-Supported Exercise System for Ergonomic Microbreaks
Andreas Braun, Ingrid Schembri and Sebastian Frank
17:30Persuasion through an ambient device: proof of concept and early evaluation of CRegrette, a smoking cessation system
Alessandro Fenicio and Gaelle Calvary
18:00Hidden Fatigue Detection for a Desk Worker Using Clustering of Successive Tasks
Yutaka Deguchi and Einoshin Suzuki
18:30Experience-Driven Design of Ambiences for Future Pop Up Workspaces
Aino Ahtinen, Jenni Poutanen, Maiju Vuolle, Kaisa Vaananen and Sanna Peltoniemi
19:00Standalone Sound-based Mobile Activity Recognition for Ambient Assistance in a Home Environment
Svilen Dimitrov and Norbert Schmitz
19:15Happy Running? Using an accelerometer to predict the affective state of a runner
Joey van der Bie and Ben Kröse


Closing of 1st conference Day, announcements


Social event - Conference Dinner
K. Palamas building, Akadimias 48 & Sina

Friday, 13 November 2015
Location: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens Trilogy historical university building, 30 Panepistimiou St. Drakopoulos amphitheater


Plenary Session 13A - Keynote Lecture

9:00Keynote - "Philips HealthSuite DigitalPlatform"
Jan van Zoest, CTO HealthSuite DigitalPlatform, Philips HealthTech, The Netherlands

9:45Coffee break


Session 13B - Ambient Assisted Living

10:00Why should I Use This? Identifying Incentives for Using AAL Technologies
Christina Jaschinski and Somaya Ben Allouch
10:30Ambient Intelligence from Senior Citizens' Perspectives: Understanding Privacy Concerns, Technology Acceptance, and Expectations
Florian Kirchbuchner, Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl, Matthias R. Hastall, Martin Distler and Arjan Kuijper
11:00Modeling and Assessing Young Children Abilities and Development in Ambient Intelligence
Emmanouil Zidianakis, Danai Ioannidi, Margherita Antona and Constantine Stephanidis
11:30Evaluation of a Mobile Home Care Platform: Lessons Learned and Practical Guidelines
Christos Panagopoulos, Eirini Kalatha, Panayiotis Tsanakas and Ilias Maglogiannis
12:00Smart Tales: An Awareness Game for Ambient Assisted Living
Paolo Sernani, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Aldo Franco Dragoni and Sjaak Brinkkemper



Plenary Session 13C - Keynote Lecture

13:30Keynote - "Ambient Intelligence: Visions Past and Future"
Panos Markopoulos, Professor, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


Session 13D - New and Emerging Themes 1

14:15Determining Field of View in Outdoors Augmented Reality Applications
Vlasios Kasapakis and Damianos Gavalas
14:30Design Factors for Flexible Capacitive Sensors in Ambient Intelligence
Rus Silvia, Braun Andreas, Sahbaz Meltem and Arjan Kuijper
15:00The interactive-token approach to board games
Simone Mora, Monica Divitini and Ines Di Loreto

15:30Coffee break


Session 13E - New and Emerging Themes 2

16:00Use of Self-Reporting Questionnaires to Evaluate Augmented Paper Maps for Group Navigation
Andreas Komninos, Jeries Besharat and John Garofalakis
16:30Gamification Techniques for Rule Management in Ambient Intelligence
Francesco Benzi, Federico Cabitza, Daniela Fogli, Rosa Lanzilotti and Antonio Piccinno
16:45Context Recognition: Towards Automatic Query Generationm
Marjan Alirezaie, Federico Pecora and Amy Loutfi (presentation via online call)


Best paper award


Closing Session