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    Title ADvanced monitoring serVices of Elder via sensor NeTworks

    Acronym ADVENT

    Framework Cooperation 2011

    Project Number 11ΣΥΝ_10_1433

    Start – End Date 09/04/2013 – 30/06/2015

    Duration 27 months

    Funding Agency European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and National Resources

    Total Project Funding 639.893,65 €

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    Status Completed


The project «Advanced monitoring serVices of Elder via sensor NeTworks – ADVENT» focuses on the area of Personal Health Systems in the field of Ambient Assisted Living and proposes an innovative platform to provide a comfortable and safe environment for daily living for the elderly while maintaining their mobility and independence. This will be achieved through the development of advanced technologies that will be incorporated into a specially designed platform to provide a coherent set of customized services.

The main objectives of the project are the development and implementation of the platform «ADVENT», and of a set of medical and general purpose assistive services. The ultimate goal is to create the right conditions to assist the elderly in the execution of their daily activities with increased security, safety and efficiency. The «ADVENT» platform will implement an architecture for receiving real-time data from heterogeneous sources: bio-sensors, context sensors (eg location) and user profiles, which will provide personal data enriched with context data. These data will be processed to produce medical knowledge to support decision-making and to provide customized services.

Project Outcomes

The platform «ADVENT» is an original product providing automated assistance to the elderly at home, targeting a market that is growing as people live longer. The technologies used in «ADVENT» lead to a novel service package with easy to use interfaces and embedded hardware and software parts that support 2nd and 3rd generation telemedicine. The comprehensive service package is targeted to real needs for supporting independent living of the elderly, and will be tested and evaluated under realistic conditions.


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