Prototypes & Products

Some of the prototypes and products produced during these years are:

ADVENT system: AAL platform providing home care services to the elderly

GAS-OS: middleware and tools for IoT devices enabling the association of heterogeneous devices based on P2P networks

PLANTS OS: middleware and tools that support precision agriculture

ASTRA platform: IoT platform supporting pervasive awareness

ATRACO ontologies: suite of IoT device ontologies with ontology matching algorithms

Pervasive and Mobile Systems ontologies: suite of ontologies that represent (a) the teaching domains of pervasive and mobile systems and (b) the related learning outcomes

Tessellation system: methodology and tools for the development of distance learning courses based on learning outcomes and ontologies

SONETOR platform: peer learning platform for intercultural mediators

FragmEx platform: web platform enabling dialogue on fragmentation of society and exclusion of people as a result of the financial crisis

SonetBULL platform: peer learning platform to counter bullying phenomenon 

OnLabs: realistic 3D simulation of a biology laboratory

MOOCs (platform, guidelines, content) for (a) Software Engineering and (b) Healthcare

Educational content quality pre-standard

Emerging ICT related job profiles and associated training outlines in (a) AAL, (b) virtual classroom, (c) museums, (d) the Internet and (e) cultural mediation

Smart classrooms

Fully equipped studio