FragmEx platform

Web platform enabling civil society’s dialogue during economic crisis



The FragmEx Social electronic Platform was developed and designed by the Hellenic Open University (HOU) under the project entitled “Fragmentation and Exclusion: Understanding & Overcoming the multiple Impacts of the European Crisis” of the Act “Bilateral S & T Cooperation between Greece – Germany 2013-2015” co- funded by the European Union.


The ultimate goal is to provide educational services to its users (representatives, members of NGOs and informal organizations of civils’ society, active citizens) and establish itself as a tool of empowering citizens in the middle of the crisis.


This social electronic platform, which is based on Web 2.0 technology, is providing to its users potentials like registration, creation of personal pages, bookmarking, tagging, etc. Furthermore it also can offer a variety of services, such as presentations of case-studies and reports, exchange of experiences and best practices, networking, support of public debates, teleconferences.

Importance / Benefits:

  • Promotion of the organizations of civil society (NGOs and informal organizations) through their offer and future actions, but also exposure of their needs.
  • Communication and exchange of experiences and best practices (public debates, teleconferences, etc.) with equivalent organizations and not only in a local but also in a national and European level
  • Facilitation of partnerships among the organizations
  • Confrontation and treatment of the problems that organizations are facing, within crisis.
  • Promotion of the work of civil society regionally and beyond.

The platform is available from the link below :

Contact Point(s):

Ioanna Marini, +30 2610 367718,

Achilles Kameas, +30 2610 367696,