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    Acronym ELTAB

    Framework LEΑDERA : Lead Market European Research Area Network

    Project Number 465435

    Start – End Date 01/02/2014 – 30/09/2015

    Duration 20 months

    Instrument / Type

    Funding Agency European Social Fund – ESF

    Total Project Funding 157,590 €

    Project Homepage http://eltab.cti.gr

    Status Completed


The ELTAB project focuses on the area of Personal Health Systems in the field of Ambient Assisted Living and proposes an innovative platform that will have two modules: the health-care module; a service-oriented platform and cloud-based to collect daily information from health measurement instruments, everyday devices and home environment sensors, to analyse data with advanced medical algorithms and produce diagnostic alarms; the social inclusion module to inform elderly or offer links to available social sources and services.

Project Outcomes

The Elder Tablet solution will be a prototype consisting of a tablet, medical and everyday devices, home sensors and a gateway with decision making support. It will have the following features:

  • Usage of Bluetooth/Wifi medical devices
  • Usage of home sensors (temperature, humidity, motion sensor, etc.) to assess the level of activity of the elder and to check whether he/she lives in a healthy environment. Based on the collected data from those sensors, some recommendations will be given to the elders (e.g. increase the temperature of your living room of 1 degree, open a window, increase your level of activity etc).
  • Alerts sent to health professionals/medical staff or relatives in case of detected abnormalities
  • interaction with doctors and service providers via a web portal
  • User interface will be designed for elder people
  • Easy access to social media and mass media via social interaction module

Different from regular tablets; ergonomics, interface and applications will be especially developed for elders. Within the “Elder Tablet Project” a system will be designed and developed by using:

  • Cloud Computing Technology for software development and data storage;
  • Bluetooth Technology for data transfer from health measurement instruments and wireless technology for data transfer from sensors;
  • Java Programming for Android Operating System;
  • N-layer architecture;
  • Compatible software for both tablets with device limiter technology;
  • User friendly GUI;
  • Modular structure;

Two small pilot studies, one in Greece and one in Turkey will be conducted during this project. They will take into account local context elements.


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Prof. Dr. Achilles Kameas

kameas cti.gr

Tel.: +30 261 0 960491 /- 960300
Fax: +302610960490

N. Kazantzaki Str., 26504 Rion, University Campus of Patras, Greece


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Telemedicine systems