Smart City ASEAN Learning Network

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    Title Smart City ASEAN Learning Network

    Acronym SCALE

    Programme Erasmus+

    Project Number 101083278

    Start – End Date 01/07/2023 – 30/06/2026

    Duration 36 months


    Funding Agency European Education and Culture Executive Agency

    Total Project Funding €706.208,00

    Project Homepage n/a

    Status Ongoing


A major priority for the development of smart cities in South East Asia refers to the provision of personalized learning courses by educational institutions to help future workers gain the skills that are in demand. National and regional governments, HEIs and industry agree that current smart city initiatives need to be strengthened and furtherly funded. With the focus mainly on the (digital) urban infrastructure, the need for trained personnel goes largely unanswered. In the light of the above, addressing the skill readiness of current and prospective smart cities professionals through appropriate educational strategies and interventions is a matter of urgency in the quest for transforming Partner Countries’ cities into smart ones. Existing study programs should be enhanced and new ones have to be designed to meet the emerging skill demands of for sustainable smart city careers.

Conceptualized in this context SCALE envisages a portfolio of competence-based training modules for SSCs that can be viewed as micro courses able to complement and improve existing or synthesized to create new bachelor/MSc programs’ courses. Competence-based courses will foster innovation in higher education by applying a labor market-driven educational strategy, which will make the training offer more relevant with the actual labor market demands. The competence-based modules will also enable a highly flexible integration of emerging and innovative smart city elements into existing curricula, and support the acquisition of a rich variety of transferable, digital, green and smart city specific skills. Our main vision is to create a novel form of learning, which we term incubative learning. Encapsulating the smart city training modules into well-established curricula will provide the ability to tailor training schemes for building the missing competences or extending already acquired competences to cover smart cities.

Project Outcomes

The specific objectives of the SCALE project are to:

  • Develop a labor market-driven competence framework for SSCs in the ASEAN region exploiting the DevOps group of competences, which will reflect the local and regional skills demand for SCCs’ workforce
  • Develop an innovative ecosystem of micro courses for SSCs thus helping build the capacity of the PCs HEIs to address the skills and training gaps for SSC professionals
  • Pilot and evaluate the SSC micro courses by encapsulating them in curricula offered by partner HEIs.
  • Establish viable synergies and links with the regional and national providers of services for smart cities
  • Reinforce the capacity of the PC HEIs by training their academic staff in the implementation of the new IVM and the micro courses and appropriate delivery methods


Dissemination Material


DAISSy Research Group


Tel.: +30.2610367964

Parodos Aristotelous 18, 26 335, Patras, Greece


  • University of Malaya / Malaysia
  • Universiti Teknologi MARA / Malaysia
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia / Malaysia
  • National University of Management / Cambodia
  • Phnom Penh International University / Cambodia
  • Institute of Technology of Cambodia / Cambodia
  • National University of Battambang / Cambodia
  • Chiang Mai University / Thailand
  • University of Thessaly / Greece
  • Hellenic Open University / Greece
  • Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” / Italy
  • Planet T and S Co / Thailand
  • Skybridge / Greece