Today the launch of the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) titled Essential skills for museum professionals

Today, January 7, 2019, the MOOC titled Essential skills for museum professionals was launched worldwide. The MOOC was developed by the DAISSy research team of HOU as part of the European Mu.SA project: Museum Sector Alliance in collaboration with the project partners. The Mu.SA project is co-ordinated by Dr. Achilleas Kameas, Professor of Hellenic Open University and is implemented in 4 European countries (Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium) by 12 organizations.

The MOOC aims at enhancing the digital skills and 21st century skills of museum and cultural professionals. To this end, it consists of training modules based on the European e-competences framework (e-CF), DigComp and P21 – in fact the course is a unique combination of these standards, and for this reason it is considered as best practice at European level. The instructional design was based on learning outcomes and is modular in order to allow each trainee to study based on his / her pace and availability. The MOOC extends to 8 weeks of training and requires a total of 80 hours of training and study. Each week, it focuses on 1 e-CF competence (a European standard of IT skills) and combines competences from DigComp (the global standard of digital literacy of the average citizen) and P21 (a 21st century skill model) frameworks. For each competence, a separate training module has been designed, the material of which is grouped in units.

Each unit includes presentations, videos and study material related to a set of learning outcomes that are assessed at the end. The training material has been produced in its entirety by the organizations involved in the project and is available in 4 languages: English, Greek, Italian and Portuguese. During the course there will be training support from tutors who have also planned participatory activities to be implemented through forums and social media. The training platform was developed by the DAISSy team of HOU and is available at

Up to now, more than 5,200 people have registered in the course from all around the world! We hope they will find the course interesting and will persist until they complete it.


[Mu.SA] Info day at Patras (06.11.2017)


The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University organizes an Info day entitled: “Museums, Skills and New Perspectives in the digital era” on Monday 06 November 2017, from 15:00 to 20:00 in the building of Library and Information Center of the Hellenic Open University, in Patras, Greece (street Patron – Clauss 183).

Aim of the Info day is the identification of the created needs of the professionals of culture and museum due to the quickening pace of the adoption of ICT in the cultural sector. Firstly, will be presented the European Project Mu.SA – Museum Sector Alliance and its first results, which are the output of the research in the shortage of digital and transferrable skills identified in the museum sector, as well as the relative educational and training programmes provided in Greece and in the respective countries of the consortium.

Moreover, distinctive lecturers from the academia and museums will develop their speeches towards issues in digital culture such as:MuSA-infoday-patras-poster-el

  • the need of education and training in the cultural sector;
  • the usage of new technologies in the museums;
  • the Digital Cultural Heritage and its management;
  • experiences, new challenges and perspectives in the digital society of Cultural Heritage.

The project “Mu.SA: Museum Sector Alliance” is approved in the European Framework of Erasmus+ / Sector Skills Alliances. It aims to address the increasing disconnection between formal education & training and labor because of the emergence of new job roles due to the quickening pace of the adoption of ICT in the museum sector. the consortium consists in total of twelve (12) partners from four (4) countries (Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium) with coordinator the Hellenic Open University and Project leader Dr. Achilles Kameas, Associate Professor, School of Science and Technology, Hellenic Open University.

The Info day addresses museum professionals, students and graduates of cultural programmes, scientists, researchers and everyone interested in museum or cultural sector’s recruitment.

The attendance in the Info day is free of charge. Certifications of participation will be assigned to the attendants.

Programe of the Info day (in Greek)

Announcement of the Info day


DC-Me-2016 Conference

2nd International Conference on Digital Challenges for Museum Experts

Electra Metropolis Hotel, Athens, Greece

25 November 2016, Athens

The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (, in collaboration with the Hellenic National Committee of the International Council of Museums ( ), is organizing for the second consecutive year the International Conference entitled “DC-Me 2: Digital Challenges for Museum Experts”, on Friday 25th November 2016 at the Electra Metropolis Hotel, 15 Mitropoleos street, Athens.

The Conference is supported by the project “Mu.SA: Museum Sector Alliance”, which was approved recently in the European Framework of Erasmus+ / Sector Skills Alliances. The HOU is the coordinating partner of the project, in which participate 11 more partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. The project involves researching and recording the digital skills and competences of the museum professionals, profiling the new occupational roles and developing the corresponding professional development training programs. The aim is the provision of high quality training programmes in digital skills and e‐competences to the personnel of European museums and the Culture sector in general.

In the conference sessions, the emerging needs regarding digital and transferable competences of the Museum professionals will be recorded, due to the constant evolution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the increasing adoption of ICT technology by the Museums and other cultural organizations. Speakers from Greece and the project countries will present the cultural Agenda of Europe through the European strategies for a Cultural and Creative Europe, the emerging occupational profiles in the Museum sector and contemporary case studies of training culture professionals in digital and transferable competences. During the round tables included in the last session, conference participants will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the conference topics and discussions.

The conference is addressed to cultural heritage institutions and professionals in the Culture sector (staff, managers, board members, and policy‐makers), vocational educational and training organizations (VET), students, social partners and everyone interested from the ICT and Culture sectors and industry.

For more information about the Conference you can contact the Mu.SA Project Leader, Dr. Achilles Kameas, Associate Professor, or the Organizing Committee at:

You can read more information in conference’s site here.