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Zaharakis, Ioannis; Kameas, Achilles

Modeling spiking neural networks (Journal Article)

Theoretical Computer Science, 395(1), Elsevier , pp. 57-76, 2008.

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Hagras, Hani; Colley, Martin; Pounds-Cornish, Anthony; Souza, Gustavo De; Callaghan, Victor; Nikiforidis, George; Argyropoulos, Christos; Kameas, Achilles; Murphy, Frank

A collaborating team of Spiking Neural Network based Robotic Agents for Inaccessible Fluidic Environments (Proceeding)

Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man & Cybernetics, Computer Society Press, Taipei, Taiwan, 8-11 October, 2006.

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