Call for participation in the 2nd Online Training Course and Mentoring Opportunities on the DigComp Framework, by DAISSy-HOU

The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU)  invites you to join the 2nd edition of the Online Pilot Training Course and Mentoring Opportunities on the DigComp Framework”, which is part of the implementation of the “DigComp HUB” European project, currently undergoing by the DAISSy-HOU as the Greek partner and starts on Monday 29th April 2024.

More precisely, the training course is delivered as a MOOC and offers an excellent, publicly accessible opportunity to delve into the DigComp framework and its applications in adult education and beyond. The course begins with two introductory modules that cover the origins, features, and typical uses of the DigComp framework. Subsequent modules provide practical insights into how the DigComp framework can be effectively utilized in adult education. These include methods for identifying users’ training needs, curriculum development, didactic design, and the assessment and recognition of learning outcomes.

It is noteworthy that:

  • The training course is provided free of charge, is delivered in English and it is open to all.
  • It includes 12-14 hours of training that are self-managed by the participants (tutors are available on request).
  • It starts on Monday 29th April 2024 and ends on Monday 27th May 2024.
  • It is offered through the ALL DIGITAL ACADEMY platform and obtaining an account is necessary, by simply accessing the link: https://platform.alldigitalacademy.eu/registration/
  • The registration to the course is available, by filling in the respective form, [here].
  • A Certificate of Completion is provided to the participants, who complete the course successfully.

Furthermore, the training is accompanied by mentoring activities which will be implemented after the end of the course, in small groups managed by the project partners and regarding topics addressed within the course and based on the needs of the trainees. A related announcement will be discussed during the training, so that the objectives and content of the mentoring activities are clarified, as well as the way to take part in them. Those trainees who wish to be involved in this valuable, additional activity of the “DigComp HUB” project, provided also free of charge, may express their interest before the end of the course.

The “DigComp HUB” is a two-year project, co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Program. It is implemented by a consortium of four (4) partners from three (3) EU member states (Belgium, Greece, and Italy), with the DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University, as the Greek partner.




For more information about the DigComp HUB project and other activities of the DAISSy-HOU:

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