DAISSy participation in the 2nd transnational meeting of Working Smart partners

On June 13 & 14,2022, the CPU in Ljubljana (Slovenjia), hosted the 2nd transnational meeting of the partners of the European project WorkingSmart – Smart working and Open Learning.

The meeting was attended in person by partners from IPRA/MEDEF Auvergne Rhone Alpes IPRA/MEDEF AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES, members of the DAISSy research group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU), aiComply S.r.l., INMEDIA SOLUTIONS S.l., the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Institute of Business Education, Slovenia (GOSPODARSKA ZBORNICA SLOVENIJE CENTER ZA POSLOVNO USPOSABLJANJE). Partners from FUNDACIO PER A LA UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA (UOC) and members of the DAISSy research team participated online. During the two-day meeting, the consortium had the opportunity to discuss issues regarding the work packages currently underway, as well as to plan the steps to be completed in the next period for the remaining packages.

On the first day 13/06/2022 the meeting started with an overview of the project management in relation to quality assurance and evaluation for the work that has been undertaken and is expected to commence in the near future. An evaluation report for the first six months of the project was presented to the partners and the partners introduced their external partners and advisory board and how they plan to work with them and their contribution to the project.

The UOC team presented some changes regarding the questionnaire to be created and answered questions about the timing and how the questionnaire will be conducted. The partners agreed to have periodic updates on the progress of the survey and the number of participants.

On the 2nd day 14/06/2022 the aiComply S.r.l. team provided an update on the work to be carried out to create the platform and the timeline plan. The first step concerns the design of the platform. The consortium will have to confirm the characteristics and structure of the platform.

Furthermore, an example of Moodle was presented as an example of an online education platform and the partners discussed how the structure could be easy to use and attractive to users. They also discussed the possibility of granting a certificate and what criteria would be used to award it.

The CPU team presented the description of the deliverable concerning the participant training package, the actions, the methodology and the implementation schedule. The consortium discussed about the content of the methodology, the creation of the training videos and the translations that will need to be implemented.

The project coordinator, IPRA/MEDEF Auvergne Rhone Alpes IPRA/MEDEF AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES, presented statistics and mentioned how important it is to disseminate the project and share information about it.

The aiComply S.r.l. team presented a draft of the project website. All information will be available in each national language of the consortium. The LinkedIn link related to the project is on the page as well as the options to subscribe to the newsletters. The goal is to have updated published material at a consistent and sufficient frequency.

Regarding the newsletters, the InMedia team presented the dissemination plan for the project. The consortium discussed about information assurance and data protection.

For more information on the WorkingSmart project and other DAISSy projects and activities:

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