The DAISSy Research Group of the HOU launched its activities on the GREELCO project for the professional development of kindergarten professionals through green education.

The “GREELCO: Green Learning Community” is a European co-funded project that addresses the professional development of kindergarten professionals through green education. 

Specifically, GREELCO aims at:

  • improving the digital competencies of kindergarten professionals
  • ensuring the professional development of early childhood and administration professionals through green education, taking into account equity and equal opportunities
  • raising the awareness aboutthe different educational systems and pedagogical practices in kindergartens from different countries
  • reflecting on the pedagogical practices and the competencies of these professionals to ensure the quality of education, with an emphasis on inclusion
  • raising the awareness amongboth professionals and administrators about the importance of digital competencies and green education opportunities. 

The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) is the Greek project partner of GREELCO and will be actively involved in its activities and deliverables. 

Specifically, DAISSy will be one of the partners responsible for the preparation and the implementation of a Training activity on digital and green skills, to be followed by a respective Webinar, while providing constant technical support to the childcare centers regarding the preparation and the design of their Study Visits videos. 

In addition, making use of its long-term experience, DAISSy will be responsible for the technical design, development and piloting of the GREELCO educational platform. 

It is noteworthy, that DAISSy will also contribute to the dissemination of the project. In particular, it will support the branding process as well as the organization and implementation of an international online event, and will consistently promote all GREELCO news and updates through its website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). 

Furthermore, given its role within the HOU, DAISSy will ensure the promotion of GREELCO through the University’s website, which has over one million hits, as well as through the Institution’s newspaper “OPEN2U”, which is printed and sent out in 300 copies and simultaneously forwarded by email to over 120,000 recipients. In addition, DAISSy plans to exploit its wide networking and reach out to corresponding stakeholders in Greece, in order to achieve multiple dissemination and sustainability of the project’s results and impact. 

The GREELCO is a two-year, ERASMUS+/KA220-HED co-funded, project. Its  consortium includes three (3) main partners, namely the: Educational Research Institute (ERI) (Slovenia), International Step by Step Association (ISSA) (Netherlands) and the Hellenic Open University (Greece), as well as eight (8) Kindergartens, namely the: Elmer (Belgium), Kindergarten Šestajovice (Czech Republic), Tartu Lasteaed Pääsupesa (Estonia), Pitypangos Közösségért Alapítvány (Hungary), JUODG Femo Kulakov (Republic of North Macedonia), Granidita CU Program Prelungitnr.22 Botosani (Romania), Vrtec Bled (Slovenia),  Predskolska Ustanova “Cukarica” (Serbia).

For more information on the GREELCO, and other projects and activities of DAISSy:

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