Invitation by DAISSy-HOU to the conference on “Championing a Hate-Free Digital Future”, within the LEAD-Online project

lead-online-logoThe DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) invites to the conference on “Championing a Hate-Free Digital Future”, to be organized within the framework of the implementation of the LEAD-Online: Learn, Engage, Act: Digital Tools to Prevent and Counter Hate Speech Online European project, currently undergoing by DAISSy, as the Greek partner. The activity takes place on Tuesday 6th February 2024 at 9.00’ (CET), in Brussels (at Rond Point Schuman, 14-1040).

Specifically, the event is addressed to teachers, representatives of the civil society, journalists, social media activists, policy makers and any individual or organisation that wishes and is capable of activating in preventing and combating hate speech online. It aims at  celebrating project achievements, sharing valuable insights, and inspiring discussions on shaping a safer and more inclusive digital landscape, respecting human rights and dignity and fostering opportunity to scaling up related good European practices.

More precisely:

  • Participation is free of charge and open to all
  • Registration is pre-required, by completing the registration form

Highlights of the “LEAD-Online” Conference

Showcasing Innovation
Highlight the innovative digital tools and strategies developed by the LEAD Online project that empower individuals to counter hate speech online, interactive exhibition featuring project achievements and a digital “Hate Out!” game.

Panel Discussions
Engaging talks on digital literacy, the role of media, strategies to counter hate speech and scale up working solutions.

Lessons Learned and Reflections:
Join us in a thoughtful exploration of insights gained from the LEAD-Online project.

Networking Opportunities
Facilitated sessions for idea exchange and collaboration.

Call to Action
The event concludes with a collective commitment to combat online hate speech, encouraging ongoing efforts.

It is noteworthy, that the LEAD-Online project emphasizes on the need to strengthen the critical thinking and the digital skills of young people that seem to be causally related to the low level of reporting and the “normalization” of Hate Speech online. Specifically, the project aims at empowering young people, educators, civil society representatives, media and social media activists to become active agents of change. This will be achieved by training them, so that they recognize hate speech as well as persistent forms of intolerance, prejudice and discrimination, using a human rights-based approach. By exploring innovative digital tools provided by the LEAD-Online project, they will be able to classify, decode and consequently respond to Hate Speech online, and at the same time they will expand their opportunities by discussing the phenomenon, promoting attitudes and behaviours that respect human rights and values.

The  LEAD-Online is a two-year project, co-funded by the CERV European program and implemented by a consortium of seven (7) partners representing seven (7) European countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, Croatia), with the DAISSy Research Group of the HOU, being the Greek partner.

For more information on the LEAD-Online project, and other activities of DAISSy:

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