DAISSy Research Group of HOU invites Educators and Professionals in Education for their insights in “Accessible Digital Education” – 2nd Survey’s Deadline Extension

logo-adedu-mdDAISSy Research Group of Hellenic Open University (HOU) invites to a short survey, as part of the “Accessible Digital EDUcation (ADEDU)” European co-funded project, currently undergoing by the Research Group as the sole academic partner. 

Specifically, the survey is addressed to educators and related professionals willing to contribute to the understanding of the challenges and requirements faced by them in addressing learning disabilities within educational methodologies.

Therefore, information will be collected about related experiences and perspectives of working with students affected by learning disabilities, such as the identification of specific learning disabilities, their impact on teaching practices, and the effectiveness of existing support systems.

The insights of the educators and training professionals will aid in comprehending the current educational landscape and in devising strategies to better support educators and students alike, and also enhance inclusive education practices.

Anonymity is guaranteed, and all responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

  • Completing the survey is estimated to 10 minutes.
  • The deadline for submitting your insights is Tuesday 28th May 2024.
  • The survey is accessed through the following link.
  • Any inquiries can be expressed by email at nikolakopoulou@iasismed.eu

ADEDU is a thirty-month project, implemented by a consortium of five (5) partners from three (3) countries, namely: “All Digital” (Coordinator) and “European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD)” (Belgium), “Media Education Centre-MEC” (Serbia), “IASIS” NGO and “DAISSy-HOU” (Greece). DAISSy-HOU is involved in all project activities and is responsible for the technical development of both the project’s website and the platform of ADEDU Course, as well as for the implementation of the Quality Assurance activities.

For more information on the ADEDU project and other projects and activities of the DAISSy-HOU:

  • Websites : http://daissy.eap.gr/en, https://ad-edu.eu/
  • Facebook: @DAISSyResearchGroup
  • Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/daissyresearchgroup/
  • X      : https://twitter.com/daissy_research
  • Instagram: @daissy_researchgroup
  • Email : info@daissy.eap.gr
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