Press release of the RE-EDUCO project multiplier event organized by the DAISSy team of HOU

logo-reeducoOn Friday, April 1 2022, from 18:00 to 20:00, the DAISSy research team of the Hellenic Open University, organizes the live event entitled “Digital culture as a means of developing students and teachers” to disseminate the results of the RE-EDUCO (REthinking EDUcation COmpetencies. Εxpertise, best practices and teaching in Digital Era) project. The RE-EDUCO project aims to strengthen the role of digital culture as a means to improve the growth opportunities for students and teachers, widening their choices in private and professional life, through research, exchange of good practices, training and creative activities.

The event was held at Byzantino hotel, Riga Feraiou Street. 106, Patras and was attended by 56 people in total. It lasted 2 hours and was split in two parts. The first focused on presenting the project’s key information (scope, objectives, partnership, etc.) and the outcomes achieved so far. Specifically, the Greek national desk research on the emerging trends and needs from the digital transformation with a special emphasis on education, the orientation seminars and training activities for students of Greek schools, as well as the online course for teachers that was developed and delivered by the DAISSy research group were presented. The second part of the event focused on similar activities of the DAISSy research team in other Erasmus+ projects.

Three short interviews with people who attended the event were realized, who expressed their satisfaction with the knowledge they gained and their willingness to participate in both future educational activities and dissemination events from the projects of the research team DAISSy.

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