The GREELCO Platform developed by DAISSy-HOU within the “Green Learning Community” project is ready: Registration is open and free of charge!

The DAISSy Research Group of Hellenic Open University (HOU) announces the launch of the GREELCO platform, which has been designed and developed within the framework of the “Green Learning Community (GREELCO)” European project, currently undergoing by DAISSy-HOU as the Greek partner. 

The platform is easily accessible, open for all and serves as an online communication and collaboration tool that connects Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) professionals across Europe. It offers them the opportunity to improve their digital competencies, share their expertise and reflect on their practices, since it is open to all kindergartens and early childhood professionals.

As a new era of collaborative possibilities is ahead, any professional in early childhood topics is more than welcome join in by registering to the platform and become part of the vibrant GREELCO community! 

Why Registering to the GREELCO platform?

  1. Connect and Collaborate: GREELCO is not just a platform; it’s a common place for connecting and sharing your ideas! Collaborate in projects, share insights, and be a part of a dynamic network that believes in the power of collective creativity. 
  1. Access a fruitful Webinar: The GREELCO Webinar provides you with necessary knowledge as well as guidelines and technical instructions on how to prepare and develop a video of pedagogical practices to be applied at your kindergarten! The webinar addresses the needs of kindergarten teachers, educators, preschool managers and ECEC professionals across Europe. 
  1. Exclusive Opportunities: Gain access to exclusive opportunities and events! Stay updated on the latest trends, participate in online study visits, and be at the forefront of innovation. All participants will be able to attend and access the already conducted study visits and be informed about the upcoming visits, available both live (via zoom) and on-demand (video format).

How to Register:

  • Visit the GREELCO platform through the link:
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • Let the community get to know you! Fill in your details to your account.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Start collaborating and innovating in Forums.
  • Once you are familiar with the platform, complete the anonymous questionnaire!

The GREELCO is a two-year project, co-funded by the ERASMUS+/ KA220-HED programme of the European Union. Its consortium includes three (3) main partners from three (3) EU member-states, namely the: Educational Research Institute-ERI (Slovenia), the International Step by Step Association-ISSA (Netherlands), and the Hellenic Open University-HOU (Greece). In addition, it involves eight (8) Kindergartens, from eight (8) European countries, namely the: Elmer (Belgium), Kindergarten Šestajovice (Czech Republic), Tartu Lasteaed Pääsupesa (Estonia), Pitypangos Közösségért Alapítvány (Hungary), JUODG Femo Kulakov (Republic of North Macedonia), Granidita CU Program Prelungit nr.22 Botosani (Romania), Vrtec Bled (Slovenia), Predskolska Ustanova “Cukarica”(Serbia). The DAISSy Research Group of the HOU, Greek partner, is involved in all project deliverables, having the responsibility for the design, the development and the effective operation of the GRRELCO platform ensuring active collaboration of the participants and providing technical support (whenever needed).


 For more information about the GREELCO project as well as other activities of the DAISSy-HOU:

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