Invitation to participation in the MOOC of the NEFELE project, by DAISSy-HOU

logo-nefeleThe DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) invites you to participate in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “Promoting the professional development of students in school”, which is part of the European project “Neet prevention in Educational systems through positive Future vision Enhancing Learning and teacher Education-NEFELE”, implemented by DAISSy as a Greek partner. It is a modern MOOC, aimed at training teachers in their critical role of supporting the professional development of students.

Specifically, the MOOC includes four (4) training modules based on the theoretical framework of career development and positive psychology, linked to practical examples for teachers, so that they can promote career planning for their students in the classroom. It also has one (1) educational module based on NEFELE BOX, which is the toolkit for the tangible user interface that the teacher can utilize with the students, supporting the design of their future career path. It is interspersed with videos, presentations and reading material as well as short quizzes (at the end of each module) so that learners can assess their progress.

In particular, the e-learning platform of the NEFELE project is designed and developed in English, Italian, Greek, Spanish and Dutch. It fosters collaboration and exchange among the participants, as it includes forums and discussion areas. The MOOC learning content in English [e.g. Open Education Resources (OERs), lectures, video scripts, presentations] was collected, developed and based on this, the MOOC videos were created. It is noteworthy that the learning materials, classified into modules, are available in five (5) languages under the NEFELE project partnership scheme.

Upon successful completion of the MOOC, participants will learn about:

  • Current and future challenges related to the world of work
  • Main aspects and main theories of career development from childhood to adolescence
  • How the teacher can support the career development and well-being of students in the school environment
  • Main positive psychology theories of well-being
  • Ways of positive education intervention in the school environment
  • Tangible user interfaces
  • Digital career narrative
  • Use of the Nefele Box to promote career development and wellbeing in the classroom

It is worth noting the following:

  • The NEFELE MOOC starts on January 22, 2024, has a five(5)-week duration and ends on February 26, 2024.
  • The deadline for registration is January 19, 2024.
  • Participants who successfully complete the MOOC will receive a Certificate of Completion
  • It is provided free of charge to any interested party, internationally.
  • Registration is pre-required and can be done by submitting an application form at the following link.

NEFELE is a 30-month project (1st December 2021-31st May 2024), funded by the Erasmus+ EU programme and implemented by a consortium of six (6) partners from five (5) countries (Spain, Italy, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece), with DAISSy-EAP as the Greek partner.  The Research Group is responsible for the development of the MOOC and the e-learning platform – it shares a longterm experience in MOOC development and has been working intensively, so that to provide a modern educational tool for fulfilling the needs of teachers, effectively.

For more information about the NEFELE project as well as other activities of the DAISSy-HOU:


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