DAISSy-HOU Research Group organizes event on the topic of digital culture as a means of developing students and teachers

logo-reeducoOn Friday, April 1 2022, from 18:00 to 20:00, the DAISSy research team of the Hellenic Open University, organizes the live event entitled “Digital culture as a means of developing students and teachers” to disseminate the results of the RE-EDUCO (REthinking EDUcation COmpetencies. Εxpertise, best practices and teaching in Digital Era) project. The RE-EDUCO project aims to strengthen the role of digital culture as a means to improve the growth opportunities for students and teachers, widening their choices in private and professional life, through research, exchange of good practices, training and creative activities.

The event will be held at Byzantino hotel, Riga Feraiou Street. 106, Patras. Participation is free and certificates of participation will be given.

For access to the venue of the event, all the restrictive measures announced by the competent bodies apply.

You can see the program of the event here.

For more information for Re-EDUCO project and the DAISSy research team:


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