DAISSy-HOU participated in the 3rd Transnational Partners’ Meeting of the “SpicE” EU Project in Alicante, Spain

logo-spiceOn 21st and 22nd September 2023, the 3rd Transnational Partners’ Meeting (TPM) of the “Special Education STEAM Academy-SpicE“ EU project, took place in Alicante (Spain), hosted by the University of Alicante at the Edificio Germán Bernacer on the picturesque University campus.

More precisely, the SpicE project aims at gathering representatives of Universities, ministries and institutions from Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria in an open dialogue to strengthen the Education Framework for STEAM in Special Education for students with mild disabilities in Primary Education. This TPM marked a pivotal milestone of the SpicE project, in an ongoing initiative dedicated to revolutionizing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, making it more inclusive and accessible to all.

Namely, the 3rd TPM was a resounding success, serving as a platform for esteemed partners to receive comprehensive updates on the project’s current status and the significant milestones achieved, so far. These milestones stand as a testament to the project’s unwavering commitment to elevating the quality of education for all. The meeting also underscored the importance of fostering a robust Community of Practice—a dynamic environment that encourages collaboration among educators and stakeholders, all united in their collective endeavor to champion inclusive education.

A core objective of the SpicE project, extensively discussed during this gathering, was the professional development of STEAM Special educators. The spotlight shone brightly on Work Package 3 (WP3), where discussions delved into the realms of training curriculum, interactive workshops, training mobilities, and blended training—all integral components in the drive for inclusive education.

Embracing the transformative potential of technology in modern education, the 3rd TPM placed significant emphasis on the development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and educational materials for Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). The integration of technology into the education landscape was a central theme, reflecting its critical role in shaping the future of learning.

As the 3rd TPM unfolded, it proved to be a pivotal moment—a convergence of minds, ideas, and aspirations. Together, the participants charted the course of STEAM education, ensuring that no student is left behind. The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) is the project Coordinator, joined the TPM and was represented in person by Achilles Kameas, Professor of HOU, Director of DAISSy, SpicE Project Coordinator and Natalia Spyropoulou, Project Manager and Researcher of DAISSy as well as by Chara Tapinou, Researcher of DAISSy who joined it online. They moderated the meeting and engaged in the entire sessions, fostering productive discussions and collaboration. More precisely, Prof Kameas provided insights into the project milestones whereas, Ms Spyropoulou presented the project overview and topics related to the project management. Furthermore, she and Ms Tapinou  analyzed the methodology to be used for the digital development of the content of the SpicE training program.

The 3rd TPM of the SpicE project was a success, encouraging team spirit, vivid exchange and agreement on next project steps.

SpicE is a three-year project, co-funded by the European Union, under the Erasmus+ Programme. It is implemented by a consortium of 11 (eleven)  partners from four (4) EU member-states (Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria) with the DAISSy-HOU being the Coordinator, actively involved in all project deliverables and having the responsibility for the project management, the development of the STEAM competence framework, the design of the methodology of the training material, the development of the evaluation framework, as well as all related project activities.


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