“Towards a green culture at the urban level: Teaching Green Skills to Students” A successful awareness event by DAISSy Research Group

The DAISSy Research Group successfully organized the awareness event entitled “Towards a Green Culture at Urban Level: Teaching Green Skills to Students“, which took place in person, on Friday, September 22, 2023, in Patras (“My Way” hotel). This is an action that targets the dissemination of the results of the “CHOICE: CitizensHip cOmpetences to tackle clImateChangEs” European project, implemented by DAISSy through ITYE DIOFANTOS as the Greek partner, and also marks the completion of the project’s activities.

The CHOICE project aims at supporting the development of the civic competences of the students in Primary and Secondary schools, enabling them to contribute to the fight against climate change, by adopting sustainable behaviours.

The event was addressed to students, teachers of Secondary and Primary Education, local bodies, Universities, Education Institutes and had a great impact, attracting the participation of more than forty (40) people from the target groups and the areas of interest of the project.

The event started with a greeting from Christos Pierrakeas, Professor of the University of Patras, Deputy Director of DAISSy, who presented the actions of the Research Group, emphasizing on its vision and mission.

Afterwards, Vyron Damasiotis, DAISSy Researcher, presented the CHOICE project, analyzing its actions, goals and results, as well as the specific role of the Research Group. More precisely, this role includes the determination of the skills – abilities that a young citizen should acquire from his/her school age to contribute positively to addressing the problem of climate change, the development of relevant educational material on the subject of students’ understanding of the concept and strengthening of Green IT actions, as well as the development and maintenance of the CHOICE asynchronous education platform. In this context, the six-day Training the Trainers (ToT) event, organized by DAISSy, was also analysed, that gave the opportunity to present, apply and evaluate the CHOICE educational material for the ToT, to a total of nineteen (19) teachers, as part of the main target groups of the project.

Then, speeches were delivered by teachers  from Secondary Education schools of the Regional Units of Achaia and Ilia, who presented good practices to combat climate change.

Emphasis was put to the interconnection of “CHOICE” with the “GoodDeeds” and “Agile2Learn” European projects, having respective interrelated topics of interest, which are also undergoing by DAISSy as a partner, and were presented by the relevant Researchers of DAISSy, who analyzed their content.

The event concluded with a reflection of the action and a fruitful discussion about  the ways of motivating teachers and students to adopt sustainable behaviors. The atmosphere was pleasant and the comments were positive regarding the implementation of such projects and the willingness of the teachers to actively participate in future initiatives of this kind.

The DAISSy Research Group is thankful to all the participants who contributed with their support to the success of the event and to the dissemination of the project results.

The CHOICE project is a two-year project co-financed by the European Union, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program. It is implemented by a consortium of seven (7) partners, from five (5) countries (Greece, Italy, Turkey, Romania and Poland), with the DAISSy Research Group as the Greek partner.

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