The Deliverable 2.1 Xenia Inclusiveness Index of the Erasmus+ project XENIA that DAISSy Research Group of HOU is the Greek partner is now fully available online in English!

xenia-logoThe Deliverable 2.1 – Xenia Inclusiveness Index of the Erasmus+ project XENIA is now fully available online in English. This document describes in detail the main activities that have been performed to develop the XENIA Inclusiveness Index – Beta version (Work Package 2 of the XENIA project). It also provides information aboutthe entire assessment process for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and how the Index will work.

The Index will assist European HEIsin evaluating the equality and inclusiveness strategies that they adopt to address diversity (specifically based on sex, gender and sexual orientation) within their contexts.

The beta version of XENIA Inclusiveness Index consists of three key elements:

  1. Matrix for the HE specialised personnel, consisting of a series of objective indicators that assess the inclusiveness of a HEI;
  2. Survey for students and staff of HEIs to gauge the subjective perceptions of inclusiveness in the HEI;
  3. XENIA Index, that is a vector index that allows to summarise the information collected and record and interpret changes in specific values of the assessment process.

XENIA is a 36-month-lasting Erasmus + project that is currently been implemented by a consortium made up of 7 partners from 5 European countries (Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Ireland, Greece). Five European Universities (one in each country directly involved in the project) are about to start the piloting test of the Index beta version.

All materials are completely free and accessible from this link: https://xeniaindex.eu/pdf/wp2.pdf

For more information on XENIA and other DAISSy projects & activities:

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