WEMIN promoted through “ALL DIGITAL WEEK” 2019


Under the moto “Digital Skills for All”, the DAISSy research team of the Hellenic Open University collaborates with organizations from all over Greece to offer educational activities from 25 March to 7 April 2019. The actions aim to promote and to prove that the development of digital skills benefits the wider social community.

This effort is part of the All Digital Week European-wide educational campaign that has been taking place since 2010, during which schools, universities, libraries and non-profit organizations offer 100,000 European citizens every year on digital transformation activities and its results. Participation in all activities is free of charge (

Within this framework HOU-DAISSy and Olympic Training Ltd  promoted WEMIN project since the development of digital skills of MRW is enhanced through training and empowerment sessions. Furthermore, the operation of the WEMIN peer learning e-platform serves as a powerful tool both for the MRW and for the host community to implement collaborative activities with the help of tutors, to participate in forum discussions, create blog posts, upload episodes and announcements related to integration. For more info please check the two announcements of WEMIN project on ALL DIGITAL WEEK website link1 , link2.

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