Empowering migrant women and strengthening local communities in Europe

wemin-kickThe kick-off meeting of the project WEMIN (MIgrant Women Empowerment and Integration) was held on 28 February and 1 March in Athens, Greece.

Funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union, the 2-year project aims at implementing and promoting a pioneering integration model for migrant/refugee women of all ages in the communities involved.

WEMIN is led by the Hellenic Open University (Greece), and involves other eight partners from 8 countries throughout the EU. The project activities will address social, educational and professional aspects of inclusion.

The project will empower migrant and refugee women to become protagonists of the life of the communities they live in, and act as multipliers within their families and circles. But the objective is way more ambitious – by promoting a close interaction between women of the host and migrant societies, stereotypes on both sides will be tackled, challenging existing narratives on migration and strengthening the very communities involved.

A number of trainings, mentoring sessions, peer learning and art activities are planned within the project – many occasion to stimulate dialogue, intercultural relations and exchanges. An online platform will also be used to foster peer-learning and exchange.

Broad dissemination of activities and exchange of experiences all over Europe will reach stakeholders involved in migrant integration (immigration & asylum services, social services providers, NGOs, entities involved in training and supporting migrants and refugees) as well as citizens, raising their awareness about cross-cultural dialogue.

Project partners:

  • Hellenic Open University, Greece – Lead partner
  • ALDA – European Association For Local Democracy, France
  • Folkuniversitetet Stiftelsen Vid Lunds Universitet, Sweden
  • Ifa Akademie, Germany
  • Oxfam Italia Intercultura Societa Cooperativa, Italy
  • Associação Renovar a Mouraria, Portugal
  • Southside Partnership DRL, Ireland
  • Associacio per a Joves Teb, Spain
  • Olympiaki Epaideftiki Kai Symvouleftiki Epe, Greece

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