DAISSy-HOU hosted and actively participated in the 3rd Transnational Partners’ Meeting of the “NEFELE” EU Project in Athens (Greece)

logo-nefeleOn 16th and 17th February 2023, the Hellenic Open University (HOU) hosted the third Transnational Partners’ Meeting (TPM) of the “NEFELE-NEET prevention in Educational systems through positive Future vision Enhancing Learning and teacher Education” EU project, that took place at its headquarters-antenna, in Athens (Greece) and also provided the possibility for online participation.

More precisely, the meeting was attended in presence by the representatives of the following project partners:  the Hellenic Open University-HOU (Greece), the University of Naples Federico II- UNINA (Italy), the University of Valencia-UVEG (Spain), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland-SUPSI (Switzerland) and Smarted-SM (Italy), while the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities-EADTU (Netherlands) participated online.

NEFELE project aims at modelling innovative methodologies for pre-service teachers of middle schools that can be useful to support adolescents’ career construction and a positive vision of the future. Specifically, NEFELE provides curricular frameworks, based on career development and positive psychology through tools (MOOC, digital game and OER Shared Platform) to orient teachers’ supportive behaviours.

On the first TPM day, the Partnership recorded the introduction to the modules of the NEFELE Massive Open Online Course-MOOC. The MOOC will consist of five (5) modules based on the NEFELE framework (for more information, please refer to: Then, additional recording of the Introduction of specific modules was completed per partner, accordingly: for Module 1 “World of work challenges and students’ career development” by UNINA, for Module 2 “Supporting students’ career development” by SUPSI, for Module 3 “Students’ well-being” by UVEG, and finally for Module 4 “Innovative teaching-learning practices” and Module 5 “The NEFELE Box” by SM.

Moreover, audio tracks were also recorded to be implemented in the NEFELE digital game, in order to used by middle school teachers for promoting the career exploration. The audios contain information about the resources and the competences needed by adolescents for the career decision-making process. The audios were recorded by the Partners in English (SM), Italian (UNINA), French (SUPSI), Spanish (UVEG) and Greek (HOU) and will be at the disposal of teachers, as a guide for curricular programs on career exploration in middle schools.

On the second TPM day, the meeting focused on the state of the art and pending issues of the two project deliverables to be developed within the upcoming months i.e. the NEFELE MOOC and the NEFELE BOX.

The DAISSy Research Group of the HOU host of the 3rd TPM, is the leader of the design and development of the NEFELE MOOC. The Research Group was represented by Mrs Vasiliki Takouli, DAISSy’s Project Manager and Administrator as well as Mrs Vicky Maratou, DAISSy’s Project Manager and Senior researcher, who presented the first version of the MOOC platform and analysed the topics to be covered by the various units, namely: ¡current threats and challenges of labour market ¡ competences needed for career transitions ¡career development and the role of teachers in students’ career transition ¡ positive psychology and the use of technologies and tangible user interfaces in the educational context.

Accordingly, the Smarted-SM presented the gamification approach of the NEFELE BOX. It is noteworthy, that teachers will be involved in creating game scenarios within the NEFELE multiplier events to be held in the forthcoming months in Italy, Spain and Greece.

The 3rd TPM was completed by a session dedicated to the presentation of the Dissemination Plan by EADTU and the vivid exchange among the partners about the next steps of the project implementation.

NEFELE is a thirty-month (1st December 2021-31st May 2024) project, funded by Erasmus+ EU program, implemented by a consortium of six (6) partners from five (5) countries (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece) with the DAISSy Research Group of the HOU, being the Greek partner.

For more information on the NEFELE project and other activities of DAISSy:

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