Press Release of UPDATE project

The DAISSy research group of the Hellenic Open University participates in the activities of the new project entitled “UPDATE- User-friendly Practical Distance Active Training Experience”, which is co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme 2021-2027.

The general objective of UPDATE project (with a duration of 24 months) is to improve the quality of vocational training delivered by VET organisations – in view of increasing the learning opportunities, inclusion and training success of learners, as well as their employability – reinforcing the trainers and tutors’ abilities to implement forms of blended and distance didactic and apply the new technologies to the training activities of high practical and manual content (specific feature of vocational training).

On March 10th and 11th2022, the kick-off meeting of the UPDATE project was delivered with physical presence of the partners in Copenhagen, hosted by VIRSABI from Denmark, while ENAIP from Italy is the Coordinator of the project. The first project meeting was dedicated to an overview on the UPDATE project, the proposal submitted and previous agreements among partners. The project meeting was dedicated to networking, project management, administrative, financial aspects, quality evaluation, and reporting obligations of all partners. It was a great help for the partners in order to properly understand the deliverables of the project, such as Research-Desk Analysis on good practices, Blended Course and Plan for the Integration of new Technologies in Teaching Activities. In addition, the meeting clearly defined the work plan and tasks to be implemented by each partner.

Through the project, each partner, in view of a continuous improvement, will be able to integrate the didactic practices in use and redefine their training model, innovating, at the same time, work processes and contents. Finally, the project partners foresee to contribute to the modernisation process of the VET system and to the improvement of the quality of the training offer at large.

For more information about the project and the other activities of DAISSy research group:

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